• Julie Barnes

Rising Above the COVID-19 Virus

As humanity is drawn into an awareness of the COVID-19 viral outbreak, I wish to offer both practical and soulful advice, as a nurse and fellow being.

Medically-speaking, there are two simple, low-cost items that you can purchase and utilize to assist with preventative measures.

Organic garlic, when consumed immediately after slicing, has potent properties to keep your entire system functioning well. The OTC medication Guaifenesin is extremely beneficial during a cold or flu, as it thins mucus to allow movement, keeping the mucus from holding bacteria within the respiratory tract.

The COVID-19 virus can sometimes cause bilateral pneumonia, so this inexpensive medication without a prescription is valuable. The brand name is Mucinex, but a less expensive generic form can be found. Buy the kind without "DM," as this is a cough suppressant. You'd want to cough anything up and out!

Stand in the sunshine after being inside buildings, as ultraviolet rays are known to destroy the virus.

It would be wise not to be too focused on the news, as energy flows where your attention goes. No sense adding fear into the mix, as it will not benefit your health. Just rise into each day, knowing that you are healthy, claiming it aloud: "I am healthy, I am knowing myself in well-being. So be it." The vibration of our intonation, our speech, informs our energetic field, and then the matrix of our reality functions to match our expectations.

Take good care of your thoughts, stay light, stay peaceful and loving. You've got this!