Foundation Books

The first novel, From the Depths, is a suspenseful coming-of-age tale with family drama, supernatural events, romance, and the divine feminine rising intact from the ashes in Phoenix. It will empower readers to become fearless, as well as more able to offer forgiveness. A highly entertaining read that can set you free.

The second novel, All Flavors, encourages compassionate use of the Law of Attraction. It touches on the subjects of human equality, religious tolerance, and global peace. It's a powerful vehicle for a swift awakening, an emotional journey, and a call to action.

The third novel, Creation Song, takes you into a quantum world that offers a broad view of the plight of humanity and presents info to help you connect to your Divine birthright.

If you're seeking an engrossing tale to become immersed in, and stories that will strengthen you, I believe my novel approach will take you there. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Author Info

Building a New Foundation on Ancient Pillars of Truth

This trilogy of novels takes the reader through a cathartic experience to release fear, then to an understanding of their creative power, and on to an understanding of the plight of humanity as it realizes its freedom.

As a nurse, hypnotherapist, and author, I combine my tools of trade to craft captivating fiction that evokes deep emotion, paving the way for a deep release of sadness, anger, fear, and unforgiveness, of the self and others. It's high time to be able to relish the present moment.

I like to move the action forward quickly without unnecessary filler. The emotional component of character development is a priority, as well as concise language and vivid imagery.


My writing combines realistic drama with thrilling events and universal spirituality. You'll be inspired to overcome challenges with newfound resilience and peace as you more easily harness your creative power.